I might have started drawing before I even knew how the difference between a paper and a wall, but one thing is for sure, I never stopped.

I have an obsessive mind, and it’s continuously overthinking and overanalyzing and imagining new illustrations. It also took me years to realize which genre was mine and I realized the DC Comics‘ comic book style and Walt Disney were my home.

King Tut 01 SMALL

I might be an author and blogger, but I can never stop drawing. It seems as if drawing keeps my demons at bay. I turn on my monitor tablet, find something I love to draw, and I’m gone for hours unless I have commissions and then my drawings are work, yet it never feels as such.

Drawing and writing are both my everything. There is nothing in this world that I love more than creating and be lost in my little world. The voices of those I draw or write speak to me.

Welcome to my insanity.

The OCD Nerd,
Alexa Wayne

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